What is ooliyo?

Ooliyo is a cloud based platform which allows users to properly segregate their digital assets by family member. Ooliyo will leverage advancements in affordable data storage, ubiquitous internet access, and the recent advent of remote “cloud based” computing environments to provide users with a unique platform to collect share and communicate with their most important social connections. Within Ooliyo family members and other authorized users can experience and share their lifestream anytime, anywhere. Permissions can be individually set for each asset, allowing users to keep some assets private, while sharing others with immediate family, relatives, family friends, personal friends, or connections through other outside the networks.

With Ooliyo parents can access, update, monitor, moderate, and curate their child’s early online experience and activities. As experienced within the context of the Ooliyo system, the power of these artifacts, the evidence of growth development and achievement, and the ways in which we all interact with these artifacts will be changed forever.